Couples True Life Stories – the All About Singles Difference!

Thanks for all your help, we never would have met without you! We were married on 4/19/10 at Caesars’s in Las Vegas. It was the perfect day!
Joe and Althea
We didn’t want to “settle” for a spouse like several friends told us. So we joined All About Singles to help us find our perfect friend, lover, spouse & soul mate. Not once did they tell us we were too picky. We’re glad we joined. Today we are both married to our best friend & we didn’t settle! Thanks, All About Singles!
Debbi and David
Karen and I just celebrated our 4th anniversary. We are both grateful to Sharon Smith and the entire staff at All About Singles who did a phenomenal job matching Karen and myself as we truly seem to be meant for each other. We are very compatible, very much in love and very thankful to All About Singles because “if it wasn’t for All About Singles we would never have met,” which is even more significant when you consider the fact that Karen and I lived less than ½ a mile from each other in a gated community for 14 years, although we had never me until after we joined All About Singles. Somehow “it took the program and the staff at All About Singles to bring us together and we will be forever grateful” because as I told the owner, Sharon Smith, at one of their holiday parties, “You helped to give us our lives back.”
Karen and Steve
Our personalities clicked on the first date. We like to travel together, but then at home we really enjoy home life together.
Dominic and Donna
On August 11th, 2009 Michael and I went on our 1st date. We meet at Penn Cann Speed Way. My brother was Racing. Michael wasn’t the typical guy I’d usually date. I usually prefer tall and somewhat built. That wasn’t Michael. He was 5-9 and very thin. I also wasn’t Michael’s type. He preferred a smaller framed and someone who is more on the quite side. I’m Loud and Crazy!! I had a great time at the races. Cheering for my brother, Michael thought I wasn’t interested in him . However, we set up another date thinking we really didn’t hit it off. It was a Sunday and it was a beautiful day. Michael has a Harley and I grew up riding on a motorcycle with my Dad. I suggested lets go for a ride. Well for Mike not being my type, he had my heart melting singing as loud as he could to me. Lean on Me! A few stops at different bars along the way. Our conversation was GREAT! We talked about having children. Maybe OUR own. Michael said it would be nice. I also wanted another child, but before I turned 40, I did try having a child with someone else. The time wasn’t right. One month after turning 40, Michael and I found out we were expecting a BABY! God has chosen Michael for me to share a child with. He waited till I turned 40 to bless us with this child. We can officially say: “We are a Happy Hold family”. Thank you!
Tammy and Michael
I like all the things we do. Even shopping and concerts or just watching TV. The time together is precious because it goes by fast. – Paul

I’ve looked for this man for a long time. Never give up hope. - Maria
Maria and Paul